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Tewa Language Program

he Tewa language and culture program is integrated into all aspects of student services and activities. Hands-on activities focus on traditional ways of life including arts and crafts such as pottery making, jewelry making, traditional regalia (clothing, rattles, bows and arrows, etc.), dances, songs, foods, and agriculture. The Tewa language and cultural program creates strong community ties through the interaction with local Tewa speakers, elders, artists, hunters, farmers, and other community members as teachers/presenters. The language committee provides guidance toward the development of program activities, curriculum and language instructor certification. The Department of Education strives to offer program services throughout the year to the Head Start Program, After-school Program, Summer Education Enhancement Program,

Chamiza Foundation

The Chamiza Foundation is dedicated to on-going collaboration and long-term relationships with Pueblo communities.

Funding priorities are focused on cultural preservation and include:  Language revitalization; Sustainable agriculture; Traditional building; Traditional arts and crafts; Storytelling and oral history; Youth education and leadership programs including environmental stewardship and ecology; and Intercultural exchange.